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Sunny days are back! Feel like getting some fresh air? Get back in shape and have some fresh air in Provence. Challenge yourself to the Ventoux sister: the Montagne de Lure. Each month, win full outfits offered by Cycles Bachelas. More information

The Challenge

Occasional or confirmed cycling enthusiasts, alone or with the family or friends, rise to the Lure cycling challenge!

The principle is simple: a timed and interesting ascent of the montagne de Lure, a symbolic mountain in Haute-Provence. Starting from Saint-Étienne les Orgues, this 18-km ascent with a height difference of 1000 m and a 5.8% average gradient is open to all. According to your athletic level and your ascension time, you will leave with a gold, silver or bronze diploma.


General ranking

rank username time
1 Gold medal 45'42"
2 Silver medal 46'59"
3 Silver medal 50'27"
Silver medal 54'17"
5 Gold medal 54'41"
6 Gold medal 56'01"
7 Gold medal 56'14"
8 Gold medal 57'00"
9 Gold medal 57'17"
10 Gold medal 57'23"
11 Gold medal 57'36"
12 Gold medal 58'12"
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Download the application

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iPhones with the "Challenge de Lure" application and holders for bikes available...